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October 28 2017


how to make money online The number of participants

how to make money online in united states 2017 rom ten to twenty-five people Values and meanings learned from the game Speed of movement Challenge, and this is shown when someone challenges someone who knows that it is faster than permanent readiness, and this is shown by the willingness of the people sitting to be the person who can be put on the hat Study The abilities of the opponent, the person who turns the abilities of others, who puts the hat on the right person for him. This meaning is important in life. Competitors should be studied in any field for those who want to succeed.
Explanation: Participants stand in the form of a train to hold each other, and they close their eyes, and the leader moves the team in certain places, and prefer to practice this game in the desert places so that the commander take the team over the highlands and the desert trees and the goal is not to stop the train: Ten to twenty-five people Values and meanings learned from the game The importance of leadership in life, and that make money online the leader leads others as lead train Life is a challenge and obstacles should not be a person is blind (closed eyes) The challenges vary in life, Survive them only Q A night, and some of them are lighter than that, and most of them will survive.
The importance of team cohesion and unity The importance of having a goal in life, otherwise it was a blind person who is led and does not know best ways to generate sales online for england what is in front of him The tenth game: The war took place Explanation of the game: The participants are divided into two equal teams in the number, and the leader lists the names of countries according to the number of individuals in each team, and then each team to distribute names on its members, so the name of a particular country when the participant from each team.

Two small circles stand in each circle. The members of each team put only one man in the circle, and the leader names the name of a particular state. All but two people holding the name of this state stand in the middle of the country and call STOP. Each team should stand when the word STOP is heard from the person in the other team. It should be noted that the person who has heard the name of his country must stand in the middle of the creditors

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